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Specialists in the more mature marine diesel engine

From supplies for your annual service through the range of new Lister  Petter parts, to used and reconditioned units we can help.

Give us a call for the parts to keep your Lister running beautifully.

If your engine is not happy or running at its best we can help with that as well.

We offer a full range of repair and reconditioning services, for your engine and gearbox, from a full rebuild to repairing and solving a simple problem.

We can recondition fuel pumps and injectors using our specialist diesel experts, and our machine shop can recondition cylinder heads, rebore barrels and grind crankshafts.

We can supply these parts for you to rebuild your engine, or do the whole job for you.

Although we are Lister Petter specialists we also work on all sorts of older, more mature engines including BMC.


Marine Engine Services


We have in stock or can obtain any new parts for Lister Petter engines that are still available.
We also have many used parts on the shelves.
We can arrange for the reconditioning of fuel pumps and injectors, crankshafts, cylinders and cylinder heads.

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We stock a wide range of filters and oil for Lister petter engines and various other types of engine.



We can repair your engine or gearbox, from a single fault to a complete rebuild.
Many repairs can be done in the boat. We cover the midlands, do ask if you are in our area.
For major rebuilds we have the engine brought to our workshop.

  • First it is completely stripped.

  • The crank is examined and polished or ground as needed.

  • The bores are examined and honed or re-bored.

  • The diesel system is reconditioned

  • The heads are reconditioned with new valves and guides as required

  • The whole engine is cleaned and painted, then reassembled with new bearings, pistons or rings, oil seals and gaskets.

  • The engine is put on our test stand and run and adjusted to make sure it's working correctly.

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41 Woodland Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2FJ

01926 356200

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